“Judy Kronenfeld’s new collection is a rare treasure that looks back, looks in and pierces into the present. Memoria, eros, aging, death and the miraculous tracings of Kronenfeld’s “blessed wounds” are in motion—that is, the body, time and space of her immigrant Jewish roots, her parents, her Bronx. Full of heart and “astonishing messages” (and rage at the violence of these times), family close-ups, woman-portraits and fearless writing, this is a poetry we must read, carefully, intimately. Bravo, Judy! One of a brave kind.”
 Juan Felipe Herrera, Poet Laureate of the United States
“Reading this book floods the aviary of the mind with color and sound. Kronenfeld’s precise, textured images move easily among the realms of memory, art, narrative and the sensorium of direct experience. Alert, humorous and human, Kronenfeld is wise but not too timid to draw the blade of irony across our cheeks, to wake us with a blood-tipped feather as honest as the crows crowding around a deer, as delicate as a flock of orioles landing on a single leaf. ”
 Chad Sweeney
“The best poetry stops time, cherishes the past, witnesses the present and holds them up to the light where their specific music edges the metaphysical. Bird Flying through the Banquet does exactly that. The ‘50s, the poet’s young life, the lives of parents and relatives, their long histories, are returned in loving and keen attention to the particulars of a world almost lost if not for art. These poems attest to the significance of each life which is “utterly, beautifully, unremarkable.” Judy Kronenfeld fearlessly confronts mortality and writes a resonant and important hymn to life.”
 Christopher Buckley