Light Lowering in Diminished Sevenths gives us Judy Kronenfeld at the height of her powers. In this generous collection of poems of memory and aging...Kronenfeld writes with that sensuous cherishing of the world savored only by those who sense who easy it is to lose.... [Her] poems, even when they don't mention light at all, are filled with clear air, clarity of thought, and the complementary radiances of remembrance and imagination.”
—Molly Peacock
  “Judy Kronenfeld’s Shimmer radiates a fierce clarity of vision: the glow of the title is fed by intensities of memory and desire, love and rage. I'm deeply moved by these powerfully voiced poems that oscillate between evocations of an earlier world—the ‘crumbling Bronx,’ the ‘white noise’ of the city—and the new realm of age, loss, and reconciliation to which we all must come.”
—Sandra M. Gilbert
  “Reading [Bird Flying through the Banquet] floods the aviary of the mind with color and sound. Kronenfeld’s precise, textured images move easily among the realms of memory, art, narrative and the sensorium of direct experience. Alert, humorous and human, Kronenfeld is wise but not too timid to draw the blade of irony across our cheeks, to wake us with a blood-tipped feather as honest as the crows crowding around a deer, as delicate as a flock of orioles landing on a single leaf.”
—Chad Sweeney