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“Judy Kronenfeld is a Southern Californian/Ex-New Yorker who’s crossed geographies and decades with her eyes and her heart open. In these fine poems she gives us the fruits of her journeying, some as close to home as the checkout line where we stand ‘ambivalent as mid-afternoon’ and some so globally empathetic that she can write about the mothers of ‘martyred’ babies on one side and soldiers on the other–war victims both: ‘The romance / of a meaningful death must be so brief.’ Kronenfeld’s nearly photographic eye knows that ‘night falls fast, / so fast, piling up in steep/soft drifts, canceling / cornice, column, piling up / in streets of ash and embers’ and yet her poems show us how careful attention continues to enrich us–‘ You still see nothing / that is not there, / but now you sense everything / that is.’”
–Deborah Bogen
“Judy Kronenfeld’s Shimmer radiates a fierce clarity of vision: the glow of the title is fed by intensities of memory and desire, love and rage. I’m deeply moved by these powerfully voiced poems that oscillate between evocations of an earlier world–the ‘crumbling Bronx,’ the ‘white noise’ of the city–and the new realm of age, loss, and reconciliation to which we all must come.”
–Sandra M. Gilbert
“...[a] book...written by a woman with a smart brain, a pleasure-loving body, a compassionate heart that also knows how to be joyful, a sense of humor attuned to the absurd, a clarity about mortality, and the craftsmanship to make these things work together....”

“...Kronenfeld moves her poems along like the conductor of a very good, very mature orchestra.... [S]he plays the instrument of metaphor like a violin. ”

“...Kronenfeld’s receptiveness is nowhere more acute than in the quiet fury of her political poetry.”
–Alicia Ostriker 
“What sets [Kronenfeld’s poems] apart are her musical lines, her precise detailing of the natural as well as the everyday human world, and the way that each poem detonates a surprise that makes the reader see the world, with its griefs and joys, in a new way. Passion shimmers, shakes the poignant core of many poems in this collection.”

“Her verse is muscular, her rhythms powerful, and yet they vibrate with longing.... ”
–Pamela Uschuk  
“...poetry as beautiful as it is tragic...”

“Presenting shared moments of humanity, [Kronenfeld] captures relationships and moments that transcend culture or creed. She brings a distant and often forgotten war into her streets, her grocery, until it is tangible and ever so personal.”

Shimmer is an inspiring contemplation on life in all its beauty and ugliness. ...[Kronenfeld] writes emotionally and with great skill, crafting poems that are as memorable for their language and imagery as for their profound impact.”
–Emilia Fuentes Grant 
“Kronenfeld ...woos and corrals the moments of her consciousness, praising the whole wild lot....She has delivered a beautiful place where we may become connected to evanescence, a neat trick if you think about it. We explore not only transience, but inner and outer worlds in transit. ”

“In that clear place, consciousness may pick out what makes us most alive. Everything that lives is worth her focus.”
–Karen Greenbaum-Maya 
“...Shimmer is...a collection of resilience and beauty, of seeing the glitter, glimmering beauty in the natural world, the sacred, in our most meaningful relationships….”

“...an experience with the tragic and the glorious places that both our sense of sight and the mind’s eye can take us....”
–Lynne McEniry